What is Golfers Elbow Pain?

Golfers elbow is used to describe an injury that usually originates from the medial epicondyle. The medial epicondyle is a bony region on the inside of the elbow and several muscles which help to flex the wrist and fingers are attached there.

Golfers elbow symptoms can be categorised as acute if less than 6 weeks, sub-acute from 6 weeks to three months, chronic if more than three months. There are also instances when the pain re-occurs.


Symptoms of Golfers Elbow Pain

Golfers elbow pain would show pain when there is resisted wrist or finger flexion. There can also be pain directly over the medial epicondyle and when the muscles are stretched, the person may feel an ache inside.

Causes of Golfers Elbow Pain

Golfers elbow pain can result from repetitive movements especially with individuals who do a repeated action involving gripping. As from the name, it is also common in golfers.

There are instances where the pain may actually be referred from the neck especially from the C6/C7 region

Treatment of golfers elbow pain in Nigeria

Physiotherapy treatment has been proven to be effective for golfers elbow pain. PhysioCraft treatment protocol would include mobilisation of elbow and neck region if required, electrotherapy, soft tissue manipulation, taping and strengthening.


Self-help tip for golfers elbow pain

Using an elbow brace can be very helpful for easing the pain felt at the inside of your elbow. It helps by supporting the muscles in the region. If you have used an elbow brace for the golfers elbow pain and still feel discomfort, you should call on the PhysioCraft team to help you.

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