Tennis Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow is used to describe an injury that usually originates from the lateral epicondyle. The lateral epicondyle is a bony region on the outside of the elbow and several muscles which help to extend the wrist and fingers are attached there.


Tennis elbow symptoms can be categorised as acute if less than 6 weeks, sub-acute from 6 weeks to three months, chronic if more than three months. There are also instances when the pain re-occurs.

What are tennis elbow symptoms?

Often times,

  • Pain with repeated movements which require wrist or finger extension
  • Ache along some muscles in the forearm region
  • Pain at the lateral epicondyle region


Causes of tennis elbow pain

  • Most often times, repetitive movements can be the original cause of tennis elbow pain.
  • There are also instances when the pain can be referred from the neck region especially from the C5/C6 spine
  • Activities such as typing, using a hammer and of course, playing table tennis can cause tennis elbow pain
  • There are instances when degenerative changes in the muscle tissue around the epicondyle can cause tennis elbow pain
  • Underlying all these causes are poor technique in playing tennis, not using ergonomic friendly workspace, overactive or tight muscles and excessive activities.


Treatment of tennis elbow pain symptoms in Nigeria

Physiotherapy treatment has been proven to be effective for tennis elbow pain. PhysioCraft treatment protocol would include mobilisation of elbow and neck region if required, electrotherapy, soft tissue manipulation, taping and strengthening


Self-help tip for tennis elbow pain

Using a tennis elbow brace can be very helpful for easing the pain felt at the outside of your elbow. It helps by supporting the muscles in the region. If you have used a tennis elbow brace for the tennis elbow pain and still feel discomfort, you should call on the PhysioCraft team to help you.


Is cortisone injection good for tennis elbow pain?

Sometimes, people opt to have cortisone injections as treatment for the tennis elbow. This should initially improve the symptoms BUT patients who receive cortisone injections would often times show an increase in pain after six weeks. So, it is still recommended that you visit a physiotherapist to help with tennis elbow pain.


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