Hand Therapy Treatment in Lagos and Abuja

Treatment and Help for Painful or Weak Hands


Our hands are extremely important in most of the activities we do. And sometimes, they may have problems like stiffness, weakness, tingling sensation this may be as a result of arthritis, nerve problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon problems, accidents, spine surgery, burns, erbs palsy etc.

Our hand specialists in Lagos and Abuja, who are also occupational therapists are specialists who focuses on reducing pain and improving function of the hand in both elderly and young clients.

Our hand therapist in Lagos and Abuja have had extensive experience working on different cases from erbs palsy, cerebral palsy, stroke, trauma, surgery patients who have hand pain or want to get their function or improve their function.

The types of treatment for hand pain or hand weakness or paralysis involves everything from the type of food you eat, ointment used for treatment, exercises, special types of casts, special adaptive equipment all of which is planned with you as an individual

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