Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria-Self Care Tips


Working from home describes work being done remotely, instead of at an office. Quite a number of companies and organizations in Nigeria have embraced this since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. This means people who do remote work or work from home in Nigeria either adapt their home furniture to create a home office or get a work station. The challenge is that this means people sit more and this causes all sorts of work related joint pains. It has also been said that sitting is the new smoking as it increases risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other health problems. However, there are tips and tricks that we have gathered over the years of working with clients that can protect your body, save you money and minimize your risks and stress levels.

Experts agree that the work station to help those who do remote work from home jobs in Nigeria should be ergonomic. Being ergonomic means  designed with comfort and efficiency in mind to reduce the risk of body pains and the stress of working in a fixed position for a period of time. However most homes in Nigeria are not designed with ergonomics in mind, people have to make do with home furniture which subject the body to bad postures.

Here are a few don’t when it comes to work from home jobs in Nigeria:

  1. Don’t convert your dinning table chair and table to a work station
  2. Don’t lay or sit in bed to work on your laptop
  3. Don’t just use any type of laptop which are not designed for long term use
  4. Don’t use laptops or devices which strain your wrists and neck and back
  5. Don’t use an orthopeadic mattress except you are prescribed one by your physiotherapist or orthopedic doctor.

Here are a few tips to do when you work from home in Nigeria:

  1. Do ask your employer to invest in an ergonomic work-station for you. Remember, your body is the most important machine or tool that you have. Take care of it first.
  2. Do use an adjustable desk which can enable you to stand intermittently while working.
  3.  Do walk meetings, take a walk while making the call if you know that you will be on a virtual call for an hour or 30 minutes,
  4. Drink lots of water so you are forced to get up and go to toilet more frequently
  5. Get a smart wrist watch that has a step counter and gradually increase your daily number of steps you take till you are able to reach the recommended goal of 10,000 steps per day by the World Health Organisation.
  6. Do use a firm mattress that doesn’t sag is important to give you adequate support and take stress off your joints.
  7. Do be considerate of your back when lifting heavy itemsBelow is a poem composed by one of our Physiotherapists at PhysioCraft when educating people about back care and working from home.

    Bend your knees and not your back

    If not you may hear a “crack”

    Use the stairs and not the lift,

    This would keep you fit and swift

    Take a walk and not a ride

    This will keep you in good size

    Up and down, round and about

    The body is made to move around

    If you have questions about remote work from home ergonomic space or need help with back pain, neck pain or wrist pain, call us today. Our Physiotherapists and occupational therapists in Lagos and Abuja can help treat you and provide specific advise and equipment for your ergonomic workstation.
    Book an appointment with us, let us help you stay healthy while you do your remote work from home in Nigeria.




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