What is SIJ dysfunction?


The sacro-iliac joint is a system of joint connecting the lower spine and the pelvis. The lowest part of the spine, the sacrum which is also called the tailbone connects the two pelvic bones on the right and left called the ilia to form the sacro-iliac joint.

Normally, movement at the sacro-iliac joint is limited to a few millimetres but trauma and pregnancy can cause increased movement in this region which may result in SIJ pain.  Abnormality of movement and impaired muscle activation contribute to SIJ dysfunction and SIJ pain.

Symptoms of Sacro-Iliac Joint dysfunction

  • Typically worse with standing and walking and usually improves with lying down
  • Pain or discomfort when sitting cross legged or lying on the side for long periods
  • Stair climbing, transiting from sit to stand, bending forward can trigger the pain
  • Painful sexual intercourse and menstruation has been linked to SIJ dysfunction
  • Pain from the sacro-iliac joint can imitate/ spread to the hip, buttocks, back and groin.


Diagnosis of SIJ pain can be challenging because it mimics back pain and hip pain. There are times when an x-ray can reveal a pelvic tilt or rotation compensation in the femoral head inside the acetabulum.

PhysioCraft treatment protocol of SIJ dysfunction involves a number of phases which include

  • Pain management using cryotherapy, electrotherapy, soft tissue manipulation and taping technique
  • Phase 2 involved reactivation of under activated muscles, core stability exercises and strengthening
  • Final phase is restoring normal function, return to normal activities and preventing a re-occurrence.

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