What is Coccydynia (Tailbone pain, Coccygodynia, Cocalgia)?


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Coccygodynia is a debilitating pain around the coccyx. This pain is usually triggered by sitting or transiting from sitting to standing. The pain may sometimes radiate to the spine, sacrum, buttocks or thighs. Tailbone pain is more common in women than in men and is suspected to be related to increased pressure during pregnancy or childbirth.

Associated symptoms of Coccydynia

  • Limited movement in the thoracic spine
  • Limited movement or poor alignment in the lumbar spine
  • Limited movement in the hip musculature
  • Tension in the pelvic muscle floor


Causes of tailbone pain

It can be traumatic after a fall on the buttocks or after childbirth.

There are instances when congenital formations can contribute to coccydynia. Or over activation of some muscles in the pelvic region may be contributory or causative.

In some other instances, the cause may be idiopathic, that is no specific cause can be attributed to its occurrence.

PhysioCraft Treatment protocol of coccgodynia or tailbone pain is in phases

  • Phase 1: Education of patient, avoiding triggers and making lifestyle and ergonomic adjustments
  • Phase 2: Mobilisations and manipulations
  • Phase 3: Soft tissue manipulation and massage.

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