Rehabilitation Treatment of Haemorrhagic Stroke or Brain Injury in Abuja Nigeria

Types of care provided

A brain injury either from stroke or trauma can severely impact both the individual and also the members of the family. The effect can cause changes in strength, sensation, mobility, personality, consciousness, walking, feeding and self-care. It can also be a stressful period for the family as they struggle with the healthcare system, taking care of the loved one and still manage other responsibilities at home and work.

The physical rehabilitation journey is different from hospital care because emphasis is on getting your independence and mobility back and recovering lost function unlike the hospital where emphasis is on medical care. Some of the care we offer during the treatment of stroke or brain injury in Nigeria includes:

Strengthening and Mobility: Muscle power or coordination may be lost or reduced because of the part of the brain affected by the stroke or brain injury. It may also be reduced because the client has been laying in bed for a long time and so the physiotherapist and the rehab goal is to improve muscle power and any other movement challenges that may exist during the treatment of stroke or brain injury.

Breathing and Respiratory Care: Especially for clients in semi-conscious state or who need help with breathing where there is associated injury to the rib-cage, the goal is to ensure the client can breathe appropriately without respiratory distress and to avoid respiratory compromise. PhysioCraft treatment of stroke or brain injury involves knowledge of mechanical ventilator, (including  home use), maintaining a patent airway, keeping tracheotomy tube clean, helping with coughing, suctioning and administering oxygen if necessary.

Urination and Bowel Movement: Impaired bladder and bowel function is also another occurrence we often encounter during can our treatment of treatment of (haemorrhagic) stroke or brain injury in Nigeria. PhysioCraft care plan includes close monitoring of urination and stooling pattern, palpating for bladder distension, monitoring fluid intake, observing the urine for colour or discharges and also bladder training protocol. Our nursing protocol minimises the risk of urinary tract infection and also utilises different types of catheters which depends on each individual client.

Skin Care and Pressure Sore Management: The reduced mobility, changes in body temperature regulation, altered sensory perception and underlying medical conditions can contribute to the risk of skin breakdown and pressure sores. To minimise this, the PhysioCraft care plan includes frequent and thorough skin checks, applying the correct ointment depending on skin type and background condition of individual client and appropriate wound care dressing where necessary. We are also aware of allergies that some people may have to wound dressing materials and take that into consideration.

Feeding and Nutrition: After stroke or brain injury, feeding method and nutrition needs of client may change. Some people may need to use tubes for feeding, giving medication, decompressing the stomach when there is excess gas, or removing food when there is problem with digestion. Also, some people need to loose weight, others need to gain weight and some just need maintenance. Our registered dietitian works closely with the medical and rehab team to plan appropriately for each client. The PhysioCraft team has extensive experience with different types of tubes ranging from temporary ones like naso-gastric tubes and oro-gastric tubes to more longer term ones like J-tube, G-tube or the PEG (Percutaneous Endocopic Gastronomy).


These are just a few examples of our model of care during the treatment of stroke or brain injury in Nigeria at our rehabilitation center.

If you have questions, you can schedule a visit or tour of our facility in Abuja by calling +2348188086900 or +2348035670888. Our clients come from all over the country to use our facility in Abuja.

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