Rehabilitation Treatment after Haemorrhagic Stroke or Brain Injury in Nigeria

The Professional Services Involved


A brain injury either from stroke or trauma can severely impact both the individual and also the members of the family. The effect can cause changes in strength, sensation, mobility, personality, consciousness, walking, feeding and self-care. It can also be a stressful period for the family as they struggle with the healthcare system, taking care of the loved one and still manage other responsibilities at home and work.

Some treatment after (haemorrhagic) stroke or brain injury in Nigeria can be conservative requiring medications, rest and therapy while others require surgical intervention. Most of the time, different specialists are involved in the care and treatment after (haemorrhagic) stroke or brain injury in Nigeria and below are a few of medical professionals we have at PhysioCraft rehabilitation centre.


Physiotherapist: These are movement doctors who help with improving strength in arms and legs so the client can move, walk, turn in bed and be as independent as possible during treatment of  (haemorrhagic) stroke or brain injury in Nigeria .

Occupational Therapist: These are health professionals who can help improve mental, physical and motor skills so that you can adapt and be more independent. They help with improving hand function and also to learn how to transfer from bed to chair for example during treatment of (haemorrhagic) stroke or brain injury in Nigeria.

Speech and Language Therapist: They help with speech, language, thinking and swallowing. Our Speech and Language therapist in Abuja helps people with difficulty swallowing, coughing or refusing types of food, they also help with articulation, fluency and voice disorders which affect communication or people with receptive, expressive and cognitive-communication disorders as a result of problems from memory or socialisation.

Nursing care: Our experienced nursing team provide services like breathing and respiratory care, constipation management, urination and bowel movement and catheter care, bathing and self-care, skin care and pressure sore management and wound dressing and feeding support. You can read more about PhysioCraft nursing care plan for treating patient here.

Psychologist: The recovery journey during treatment of (haemorrhagic) stroke or brain injury in Nigeria can be very tasking for both the individual and the family member. It impacts one emotionally, psychologically, financially, socially and physically. Our clinical psychologist is available to support you during the journey, empowering you with information and preparing you for the journey during treatment of (haemorrhagic) stroke or brain injury in Nigeria

Registered Dietitian: Our registered dietitian (not just a nutritionist) works with both the medical and rehab team to attain nutrition goals. These goals can range from weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, constipation, feeling bloated, wound healing, improving energy levels etc. and our dietary and physical rehab sessions optimise the recovery by working with the neurologist/specialist.

Asides from the professionals listed above, you can click here to read about the type of care we routinely provide during the physical rehab and recovery journey of the clients while receiving treatment for (haemorrhagic) stroke or brain injury in Nigeria at PhysioCraft.

These are just a few examples of the different roles in the treatment of spinal cord injury in Nigeria.

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