Physiotherapy After Spine Surgery


Physiotherapy after Spine Surgery

The choice to undergo a spine surgery is a tough one to make. There’s a lot of concern and consideration about the risks, complications, safety, competence of the surgical team, success rate, resources, support system and prognosis. We understand. At PhysioCraft, we work with you through the journey and the decision making process.

Once the decision has been made to have a spine surgery, ideal circumstances require that you are seen by the physiotherapist not only after the surgery but also before the surgery. Asides getting acquainted with you, pre-surgery physiotherapy prepares you and your body for the surgical process and reviews everyday activities with you. While on admission and a few hours after the surgery, physiotherapy should start.  In the early hours post-op, everyday movements such as how to breathe, how to cough and get out of bed are examples of the movements which are reviewed.

As you get stronger after the neck or back surgery, there are several ways in which physiotherapy helps after spine surgery.

Pain management: While a certain amount of pain can occur after surgery, there are ways to manage it conservatively and without medication. This is where we as physiotherapists have had extensive training. At PhysioCraft, we have worked with several clients to reduce the consumption of their pain medications even after surgery.

Education: Would I be a 100% better, How do I get into and out of my car? Is it better to commute by a jeep or by a regular car? Can I travel by road or go on a long distance flight? When is it safe for me to lift objects, can I return to my gym and fitness training after surgery? These are some questions that we are happy to discuss with you. And in instances when we do not have the answers, we work with the surgeon in charge of your case to get the best solution for you.

Personalised rehabilitation: Each client receives personalised rehabilitation which focuses on the individual muscles and body system which has been affected prior to the surgery. Using specific techniques which we have been trained to do, we focus on the individual and not just use a generic template. For example, some individuals may require muscle facilitation and others may require scar tissue management to be added to their rehab programme.

Exercises: It is important to establish your baseline as an individual and then gradually progress the intensity of the exercise as required. Our rehabilitation team would work with you and guide you in the type and progression of exercise.

Functional integration: We realise that getting back to your normal daily activities is usually a major consideration for choosing to have a spine surgery. Are you an engineer who is usually on the field and you had to have back surgery because going to site became intolerable? Or are you a corporate worker who opted for neck surgery because the tingling in the hands became unbearable? The PhysioCraft team which also has occupational therapist are committed to having you make recovery and get back to activities which you love.


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