Physiotherapy Treatment Techniques

Hands-on Techniques:

A physiotherapist uses a lot of hands on techniques such as joint mobilization, joint manipulation, muscle energy techniques, muscle stretching, neurodynamics, massage and taping.


Depending on the type of injury you present with, you may need to be treated with electrotherapy devices which includes but is not limited to TENS, EMS, Ultrasound, shortwave diathermy and laser therapy.

Biomechanical Analysis:

This is one of the most common causes of repetitive injury. Here you are analysed for movement, posture and ergonomics. This includes how you exercise, walk, sit at the desk, lift objects and stand. Balance re-education, and stabilization exercises are often used.

Business Advisory:

We are able to provide investment opportunities for individuals or organizations seeking to invest in the healthcare industry.

Circle of Craft:

Our strong alliance and collaborative approach means we are in constant touch with a team of physicians, orthopeadic surgeons, neurosurgeons, radiologists, pain specialists, sleep doctors, masseurs, fitness experts, swimming instructors, dietitians, bio-medical engineers and gait analysts. This has two advantages: the ability to offer seamless and continuous holistic rehabilitation and also the ability to speed up recovery.

Our business alliance with consultants, IT specialists, market activators and several business personalities ensure we give the best service to our business associates.

PhysioCraft care centers: Ikoyi, Ikeja, Ajah & Abuja.

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