In-Patient Residential Physiotherapy Rehab Home after Surgery

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equipment in physical therapy clinic

equipment in physical rehab home and in-patient physiotherapy

The PhysioCraft team is now able to offer in-patient physiotherapy care in a residential physical rehab home after surgery in Abuja. This home away from home experience is for people who would normally book guest house or hotel after surgery in Abuja.

in-patient physiotherapy Physical Rehab Home after surgery in Abuja

Intermediate Care Rehab Home after Surgery in Nigeria

With a very strict admission criteria, the facility is a bespoke environment which is tailored to suit each resident’s need. It is a boutique in-patient physiotherapy intermediate care facility which is for individuals who need a transient place to stay while recuperating after operation or surgery.

Typical clients who use this service are those who have joint surgery, spine surgery, brain surgery, renal transplant or stroke both within and outside Nigeria and need a place to stay before they go back home.


  • A very serene and calming environment
  • International standard rehab equipment
  • 24 hour nursing care
  • On-site physiotherapist
  • On-site occupational therapist
  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • 24 hour security
  • 24 hour electricity
  • Vehicle and driver to transport you to your hospital for your appointments
  • Expanse of space for visitors
  • Attentive and courteous staff
  • Privacy

Ambulance service Physical Rehab Home in-patient physiotherapy

We also provide home assessment services for individuals who would need home modification after their medical intervention.


About this: The two leads for this service are Tinu and Kofo. They are physiotherapists who practised in the US and UK respectively and recently returned to Nigeria. While working with clients who need rehab services in Abuja, they have been repeatedly contacted by international health agencies, insurance companies and individuals requesting for a residential rehab home similar to a nursing home where intermediate care can be provided. They both combine superb customer care and their vast experience across the health sector in UK and US to attend to your every need. This home away from home experience is better than any guest house or hotel after surgery. It is also perfect for those who are traveling internationally for medical intervention and who need a transient private space during  journey.

If you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them. Please call +2348035670888, +2349087202273 or +2348179249555.

PhysioCraft care centers: Ikoyi, Ikeja, Ajah & Abuja.

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