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What is a Stroke?

Stroke, sometimes called cerebrovascular accident is a term used to describe interruption of blood supply to the brain. This interruption can be caused by either a blocked or ruptured blood vessel. It then causes the brain cells to lose oxygen supply and the part of the body where the brain controls becomes impaired.

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Early Intervention or Physiotherapy for Children with Special Needs or Cerebral Palsy Disability


Early intervention is a service for babies or toddlers who have developmental delay or disability. Typically, this ranges from birth till age three though some children still require help after age three.

The aim of early intervention focuses on teaching the child basic skills which normally develop in the first three years of life but which the child is struggling with. There are five broad categories:

  • Cognitive (thinking, learning, solving problems)
  • Physical (rolling, reaching, transferring, crawling and walking)
  • Communication (listening, talking, understanding)
  • Self-help (eating, dressing)
  • Social/Emotional (playing, happy, integration, security)
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Back pain in Pregnancy


As the baby grows within a woman’s womb, the body goes through several changes to accommodate the growing foetus. Back pain is a common occurrence in pregnant women and there are several causes.

Causes of back pain in pregnant women

Hormonal changes-relaxin which helps ligaments to prepare for birth also cause the spine to become a bit more unsteady and pain. Most commonly, the sacro-iliac joint is the most susceptible to pain during pregnancy because that is where the pelvis and spine meet.

Weight gain: The additional weight of the growing foetus means the spine, low back have to accommodate the additional weight.

Muscle diastasis: the muscles in the anterior wall may become separated which then cause the back pain to worsen since they would fail in their reinforced support of the back.

body changes in pregnancy


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