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How to Find Physiotherapist in Nigeria Part 2…The current perspective

This is a three (3) part article. Part 1, the historical perspective can be found here and part two, the future perspective here.

With the federal and state government unable to employ physiotherapy graduates despite the need to, two things have happened. First, there has been an increase in private practice with majority offering itinerant (mobile) physiotherapy though there are a few brick and mortar locations. Second, the profession has been beleaguered by brain drain the most beneficiary countries being UK and USA. The insufficient employment opportunities has also acted as a stimulus for some venturing into other professions, social media campaigns, creation of healthcare hubs, gadget sales, sports events and even politics. Though clinical physiotherapy is still the most prominent cadre of physiotherapy, other sectors are healthcare policy, research, education, supply chain and advocacy.

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Career options for physiotherapists

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Help for Suicide, Depression and Domestic Violence in Nigeria…Calling all Clinicians and Religious Leaders


In the last couple of weeks, there have been news reports of domestic violence, attempted suicide and suicide in Nigeria. Anonymous follow up comments on popular blogs has also revealed how Nigerians struggle with depression. It is hard to say if the incidence is increasing or increased internet access is making us more aware of their prevalence because as a nation, information gathering, documentation and access is challenging. Regardless, one thing is for certain, intervention in these issues is not a priority for the local, state or federal governments and as usual, we as individuals, as communities and private organisations have to take care of ourselves. Two simple steps can be taken to help identify and curb suicide, depression and domestic violence in our community:

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Brain Drain in Nigeria- as always, the north is different from the south

As a physiotherapist whose profession in Nigeria has been severely impacted by brain drain, watching the news about the xenophobic crime in South Africa made me curious why certain tribes in Nigeria apparently favour migration more than others. It is usually viewed purely from a socio-economic perspective but if northern Nigeria is relatively poorer than other regions, why are they less likely to migrate out of the country in search of “greener pastures” Why are the southerners-despite being relatively economically advantaged more likely to seek greener pastures?

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